Talmode Hair loss test program

Scalp diagnostic test

Talmode Hair loss test program

Scalp diagnostic test

The cause of hair loss varies,
so treatment and management methods should be different depending on the cause.
Knowing the cause of hair loss and choosing a treatment and management method is the beginning of hair loss treatment.

This is a test that can diagnose symptoms of scalp with various problems through diagnosis of scalp.

Various Diagnosis of Scalp Microscope

Normal scalp

Sensitive scalp

Dandruff scalp

Oily scalp

Hair loss progression

Damaged hair

Polarized photography(a hair bulb)

Normal pore

The first step in preventing hair loss is scalp management

A variety of bacteria and contaminants can contaminate the scalp and cause hair loss, It is important not to be late for scalp management.

Diagnosis of scalp

Identify problems with scalp type

Oxygen Jet Scaling

Remove aging dead skin and foreign matter

Tesla Therapy

Antibacterial and cell regeneration management