Talmode 8 Week Intensive Program


Talmode 8 Week Intensive Program

Experience Talmode's 8-week intensive program of treatment know-how.

The cause of hair loss varies from person to person.
It is important to know the exact cause of hair loss and the progress and severity of hair loss with 1: 1 professional counseling and advanced testing techniques.

Counseling and scalp diagnosis


Identify the customer's information
and cause of hair loss

Diagnosis of microscope scalp

Problems of scalp and
hair loss

Hair loss hereditary test

Identification of hair loss
genetic factors

1st stage program 4 weeks

The 8-week intensive program is a process of activating and restoring scalp, which contains a lot of experience and know-how of hair loss.
It is the start of intensive management for the improvement of scalp environment and activation of scalp cell.

Oxygen Jet Scaling

Remove aging dead skin and foreign matter

High frequency hyperthermia treatment

Blood circulation disorder and scalp activation

2nd stage program 4 weeks

It is a program to help the new hair grow continuously through strengthening hair root with the hair growth promotion program.
Thinking about the changed oneself, I managed to manage it.

MGF Care

Cell nutrient penetration step

Tesla Therapy

Antibacterial and cell regeneration steps

LED phototherapy

Cell stabilization step

Step 3/4 Step Program


Four-level regular and self-management
program 4 ~ 6 times per year

There may be individual differences
in the effectiveness of the improvement

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