Inspection program

Heavy metal inspection of hair

Inspection program

What is the hair heavy metal test?

Hair testing is a scientific test method that can analyze heavy metals
and minerals accumulated in the body with a small amount of hair picking.

Examination of heavy metals in hair

Personalized care plan provided

System diagnosis by hair inspection

When heavy metals accumulate in our body, the scalp circulation process does not work properly.
This causes problems with the scalp and causes hair loss.
Hair testing is a reliable test that can detect individual mineral levels and levels of toxicants.
In particular, hair testing is easier than taking a blood test or a urine test, and it is easy to collect, store, transport and store all the components of body fluids.
Due to the inherent coating structure of the hair, the absorbed components are hardly changed or destroyed, so the measurement is accurate.

Availability of hair

Easy to harvest
No pain
No side effects

Not transmutation
High mineral content
Mineral content of body

Identify long-term nutritional status
Reflect physiological change
No homeostasis

Nutritional minerals, toxic substances (heavy metals) measured by hair inspection

- 16 nutrient minerals : Ca, Mg, P, Na, K, Cu, Se, Mn, Cr, Co, S, B, Li, Mo, Fe, Mo
- 10 toxic substances (heavy metals) : Hg, Pb, Al, Cd, As, Ba, U, Bi, Sb, Ni

스마트 모발케어 항목

Talmode hair heavy metal management system finds and analyzes the exact cause of hair loss and provides 1: 1 customized service.