Inspection program

Hair growth cycle test

Inspection program

Hair growth cycle test

Hair growth cycle

Hair has its own cycle of growth, hair grows, If it does not grow, hair will fall off and new hair will grow.
The period from when hair begins to form until it ends is called the hair growth cycle.

Anagen : 80% to 90% of total hair, and active cell division time
catagen : It accounts for 1% of total hair, and when hair growth slows down and growth ceases
telogen : 10% of total hair, and when the hair falls off due to complete separation of hair follicle and papillary

Microscope pictures

The hair growth cycle test is a test to determine the rate of hair growth according to the growth stage of hair as above.
Cut the area where hair loss progresses, and after 3 to 4 days, examine the hair at the cut area to know the growth or regression of the hair.

If you are this person, prevent hair loss early due to hair growth cycle check!

The scalp pulls and feels hot
The scalp is itchy
Stiff shoulders, congested eyes
Chronic Fatigue Caused by Stress

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Talmode 8 Week Intensive Program

Phase 1 4 weeks Scalp activation step

Phase 2 4 weeks Germinal matrix growth stage

Phase 3 New hair growth stage